Notification Note on COVID-19 Situational Update June-3

The total laboratory tests conducted within 24 hours are 4,120; of these one-hundred-forty-two (142) of them are confirmed positive for COVID-19 and the total confirmed cases as of today are 1,486. Among the confirmed cases, 84 of them are male and 57 are female and their age ranges from 7 to 78 years. One hundred forty of the confirmed cases are Ethiopians, one is Portuguese and another is a Djibouti citizen. Among the cases, one-hundred-twenty-six (126) of them are identified from Addis Ababa, two (2) from Afar region, seven (7) from Oromia region, six (6) from Amhara region and one (1) from Somali region.

The above laboratory test results show that COVID -19 cases are increasing rapidly due to the presence of community transmission. The cases reported within the last two weeks are more than 300 percent as compared with the previous two months since the first confirmed case was reported.  Accordingly, due to the increased number of cases, new treatment centers like Millennium make shift hospital has started receiving confirmed cases.

Therefore, Ministry of Health and Ethiopian Public Health Institute would like the public to strictly adhere to all precaution measures including wearing face masks properly, staying at home, avoiding public gatherings and maintaining physical distance by 2 meters from any person to protect themselves and their beloved ones from the virus.

Unfortunately, three Ethiopians have passed away and the laboratory tests turned positive for COVID-19. The deaths are a 71 years old female from Addis Ababa, a 46 years old male from Oromia region and a 40 years old male from SNNPR. The first case was receiving care in a health facility while other two were dead bodies taken to health facility for forensic investigation and sample was tested positive for COVID-19. This brings the total death related to COVID-19 in our country to Seventeen (17). Ministry of Health and the Ethiopian Public Health Institute would like to pass its condolences to the families.

Furthermore, fifteen (15) people from (nine from Somali region and six from Addis Ababa) recovered from the disease bringing the total number of recoveries 246.

The laboratory samples were collected from the high-risk community members, returnees/passengers at mandatory quarantine centers, contacts of the confirmed cases, health facility visitors and suspects at isolation centers.

Total laboratory test conducted120,429
Laboratory tests conducted within 24 hours4,120
Number of Confirmed cases within 24 hours142
Total active cases1,219
Patients in severe condition6
Newly Recovered15
Total Recovered246
Total Deaths17
Returned to their country2
Total confirmed cases as of today1,486

COVID-19 Situational Update as of Today       

For more information or to report if any person had contact with confirmed COVID-19 please call to the free toll line 8335 and 952 or to regular phone 0118276796 and regional toll free lines, or use our

Dr. Lia Tadesse

Minister of Health

June 3, 2020

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